Saturday, October 28, 2006

Life Goes On Under An Awesome God

Sorry, about the delay of posting, but life's been extremely busy lately. I don't have time to post about most of what's been happening, but here are the highlights.

Three weekends ago we went to Corpus Christi (I like the name of the city
:-) and camed out on the beach. We went to this gigantic aquarium were there was a dolphin show, rare animals, the largest species of spider-12 inches long, small sharks, puffer fish, jelly fish, a place where you could pet rays and hermit crabs, and so many other amazing creatures of the ocean. Though the aquarium wasn't Christian or anything like that, just seeing these animals makes you realize that God is so cool.

We also went horse-back riding along the beach. This was my first time to go horse back riding without someone leading me (as in holding onto the reins). The horses even waded in the water! I had a reddish-brown horse named Chester who at first was spirited, but as the ride went along was pretty calm. What an awesome experience and another testimony of how cool God is.

The next weekend included driving up to Dallas on my birthday (the 14th) for the wedding of my third cousin. We then watched a very excellently scripted play called "Eternity" with some long, long time friends, the Singletons. Mr. Singleton and I were going to blow out the candles of a birthday cake (his birthday was two days before), but I accidently blew them out with my laughter. Somehow I can't help but laugh a lot whenever I'm with them. Rebekah Singleton turned 13 yesterday (the age I am now).

Last weekend we were able to attend the last half-day of the San Antonio Christian Film Festival. Congratulations to The Oath of Desmorea for winning the grand-prize Best of Festival Jubilee Award!

Yesterday, Paul and I competed in our first debate competition of the year. It was only for a few hours in Austin, but people from Corpus Christi, Dallas, College Station, and Houston came. Out of 28 competitors, Paul got 8th speaker rank and I got 13th speaker rank. In overall placings, Paul got 4th place! Pretty exciting! God is so awesome!