Monday, August 21, 2006

Uncle Somyot's Visit and the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Photo 1: Lunch with friends from our church on the San Antonio River Walk

Photo 2: At the Alamo

Photo 3: Imax Theatre (screens Alamo: The Price of Freedom)

Photos 4-6: Christopher presenting his business plan and later after winning the "Budding Entrepreneur - Captain of Industry Award"

Photos 7-8: Genevieve Smith interviews conference speaker Don Hart, Jr. for the Home Education Foundation of New Zealand

Photo 9: Entrpreneurial Bootcamp organizer Doug Phillips of Vision Forum with two of his sons

Photos 10-13: More friends at the conference

Photo 14: Group photo of some of the speakers at the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Photos 15-17: Touring the courtyard of the Alamo with Uncle Somyot

From August 1-12, my mother's youngest sibling out of 11 children, Uncle Somyot, stayed with my family. His home is in Thailand. My mom had a wonderful time talking in her native language with him and learning about the news of her family still in Thailand. We used this as an opportunity to teach him some English as well, and found him very eager to learn--while talking to him he would usually repeat any key word you said. Most of the time on the first try at repeating the word he would only pronounce the first two syllables correctly and garble up anything else, but on further attempts he would succeed with the entire word. This was an example of how with determination and perseverence one can often accomplish even things that by their nature are rather difficult for you.

During the last three days of his visit we took him along with us to the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp in San Antonio sponsored by Vision Forum.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Anchors Aweigh!

Hello! My name is Admiral Paul Hastings in His Majesty’s service. Upon returning from my first voyage, I wish to write down my exploits so that I might inspire the citizens that are in His realm. At 7:45 p.m. on August 13, 2006 AD and in the sixteenth year of my life, I left on a voyage of extreme exploits, daring deeds, astounding accomplishments, frightful fears, and utmost….DANGER!?! I went sailing. But let me assure you that it was no ordinary journey of joy and frivolity. No, this was a perilous undertaking. When I stop to think (I assure you I can) that I paddled 100 feet to and fro from my dock to my neighbors dock, I am almost brought to tears, or maybe it's allergies. But nevertheless, I set out on the good ship “Humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apuaa” (which in the Hawaiian language is the name for a type of sea trout) and was accompanied by the press(my siblings) which photographed the entire event. Upon first entering the waters of the cove I promptly capsized. But I re-launched again, this time with an appropriate helmet, and floundered about for thirty minutes. After docking uneventfully, I gave the press some advice and disembarked. Sadly, my trip was not to be without casualties. A most important member of my crew was gravely injured, nigh unto death. All right, what actually happened was I cut my foot on a mussel, but it still hurt. I look forward to when I may tell you of my exploits again. In His service...

Paul Hastings