Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Norris Family

Recently, I've been reminiscing over memories from our church's family mission trip to Morelia, Mexico in January of 2007 (here was my post about it). Imagine my surprise when the other day, I came across this page about the Mexico missionaries our church supports, the Norris family. Currently, the kids are actually 6 years older than the website states. I also found a testimony by Mr. and Mrs. Norris here. They work with Christian Missions In Many Lands (CMML). I'm privileged to know such a warm, open family dedicated to serving God wherever He leads, even when it means overcoming the obstacle of a different language and culture. May God bless their ministry.



Where have we been? It started at the beginning of March. The first weekend we went to Dallas, the next weekend Houston, during Spring Break we stayed home while Pat IV went to Florida for ministry with Campus Crusade, the next weekend was Houston once again (we spent Easter with Pat), and the final weekend of March found us in Dallas. In April, the very first weekend we traveled to Arkansas, and finally last weekend we stayed home. After the 24-26 of April, when Paul and I compete at the Regional speech and debate tournament in Houston, I hope things shall calm down.