Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Enabling Comments

It's the beginning of June and time for a change. Under the encouragement of some friends, I've enabled comments for Hastings Haven. I disabled comments near the beginning of this blog, and recently I've been thinking about allowing comments, but was hesitant for two reasons:

1. It might become another way to spend too much time on the computer.

2. I should write for an audience of One.

But here's what I've decided (at least at this point).

1. I told one of my friends this first reason, and she said that comments are one of those things that are not bad in and of themselves. Rather, as she noted, "It's all in what you make of it". I think that's very true. So I'm going to give commenting a chance, and if it does end up being a time distraction, I'll disable them again.

2. I think everyone should always do things for an audience of One. But I still have so very much to learn, and as the Body of Christ, we can help each other grow stronger. As long as comments are used to "build each other up" (1 Thess. 5:11) and don't tear one another down, I think that comments can be used to edify and encourage.

With all that said, you are welcome to comment! Even if you just want to say "Hi", I'm always happy to hear from you.


  1. Hi, hi, hi, hi, HI!!!! Hurrah for comments!! ;-) I love you, dearest, and I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference! Did you hear that Christa Taylor and gang is going to be there? You need to take pictures, okay? :)


  2. Comments are awesome! Then you can see who reads your blog... :D

  3. Yea, Now I can tell you everything I've been waiting to tell you about your blog!

    1. I've been encouraged by every one of your posts I've read, and can't wait to read more. You make me think hard about things I would sometimes ignore.

    2. I really like your template. It's just like you. It reminds me of you when you are happy and in deep thought.;)

    3. I also love your About Me section. It describes you perfectly!

    Thank you, Christina, for being such a great friend to me, letting Jesus show though your life, and helping me to grow. I love you.

    Love, Emily

  4. Nice to see new posts on the blog again. I looked through your archives recently and was surprised to see how long you've been blogging. Yeah, comments are helpful indicators on who's reading.

  5. Hello Christina! Thank you for posting! I loved the "how twins are made" post! :-D And I also love the way I can post comments for you now! :-)
    Love ya, Christina! :-)
    ~Joy Huber

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you decided to do it! *hugs* Just wanted to stop by and say I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference tomorrow, and I'm bummed I can't go with you. Take lots of notes, so you can fill me in when you get back. :-)

    Lots of love,


  7. P.S. Your link to Grace E.'s blog in the sidebar is broken--there's a period on the end. :-)

  8. Thanks for noticing that, Beth. I've fixed it now. ;-)

  9. Your blog is wonderful Christina-you have some really interesting and thought provoking content on here! Hope you didn't mind one more comment, from a mom! :)

  10. I was just reading one of your posts, and had something I wanted to tell you, and then I thought "Oh no! I can't comment", but then I saw I could. So. Yeah. Yay for comments!!! :-)

  11. Kristin YoungbloodThu Jun 18, 09:30:00 PM

    Christina -
    I enjoy reading your blog every now and then because I know I will usually be edified by what you write - usually something deep and thoughtful. Your desire to not spend too much time on the computer and live for an audience of One is so encouraging to see! May He bless your desire to please Him my sister!
    Kristin Youngblood