Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Moving!

Well, I’m moving my blog at least. :-)

A few days ago, Hastings Haven “celebrated” its 4th year anniversary marking its existence. Of course, I didn’t use it much in the beginning-in fact I kept it a secret for the first 6 months and kept a friend of mine in suspense over “a surprise I had”. *laughs at the memory* Oh, the days of being 12.

I actually never ended up blogging regularly, especially as of late, but my blog’s generator, Blogger, has served well over the years. Blogger was a quick, simple way to get started in the blogging world-which was especially important to me since I hardly knew anyone in cyberspace at the time!

4 years and 128 posts later, I think it’s time for a change. And that comes in the form of:

What is JibeNow? It’s an awesome, new place to host your blog with the tools of Wordpress (better than Blogger in my opinion), the functions of Twitter and Facebook, and the community of Homeschool Blogger! Yes, it was made with home-schoolers in mind although you don’t necessarily have to be a home-schooler to use it. You can check out JibeNow for yourself:

There’s actually going to be an official “Blog Swap Day” on February 1st, but I decided to go ahead and switch my blog ahead of time to let y’all know about it. To create a JibeNow blog, you have to be invited, so if you’re interested in joining, then comment on my new blog or email me.

If you have this blog’s url on an RSS feed reader or a blog sidebar or something similar, there’s not much use in keeping this link because I won’t be posting here anymore and my archives are all on my new blog. Instead, you can update to my new blog’s address:

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