Wednesday, July 12, 2006

An Independent Birthday on Independence Day

Top: Paul attempts to light all 83 candles without burning himself.

Middle: Granny

Bottom: By the time all the candles were blown out, the cake looked like it had experienced "meltdown"!

The Roaring Twenties... the Great Depression... World War II... Korean War... the Baby Boomers... Vietnam War... Desert Storm... War on Terrorism... she's lived through it all. "She" is my grandma.

On July 4th, 1923, Frances Virginia Gulley (later to be Hastings) was born on the 147th birthday of our country. Now she's lived through the 230th birthday of America and her 83rd birthday. She's not just seen history happen--she's made history happen. In every activity she's done, she's created some kind of history. Some things were more important than others, but nevertheless all affected a future generation. And so will every decision you make.

*Words from Granny*: "Make your motto WWJD."

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