Monday, December 10, 2007

Update: 6:00 pm

Sorry about the delay in updating, but I'll try to catch up. Thursday, 12 days ago, was not a very good day. The doctor said they simply went too fast in trying to wean her off of the ventilator, but she was back up to the level of where she had been by the following Sunday.

Almost everyday, she's moved from her bed to a wheelchair, and sits for about an hour. On Saturday, she was even wheeled down the ICU aisle and back. Unfortunately, she had a bit too big of a day, and on Sunday she had to be on the ventilator for most of the day because she was so tired. She still can't talk yet, but today she walked a little with the nurse!

During Nov. 30- Dec.1, we took our first out-of-town trip since the day Granny went to the hospital. We had hoped my dad would be able to join us, but because of Granny's set back that Thursday, my mom, Paul, and I headed for Lubbock on Friday morning for Paul's robotics competition. Hopefully, pictures and commentary will soon follow.


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