Tuesday, July 24, 2007

O'er The Beautiful Balmy Lake

It was supposed to be a three-guy canoe trip, but the 30-year-old canoe had some small holes which created a little problem. So the only solution was: borrowed kayaks + a dad + a sister= 4 1/2 hours kayaking on Lake Travis! Last Thursday, Paul, two of his buddies (Caleb and Jeremy), my dad, and I had loads of fun paddling 10 miles from basically our house to Caleb's house.

Taking off at a park close to our home.

A short detour to stop by our swimming platform.

Cruisin' over the middle of the lake. Take a look at the clouds. That is what we call, "The perfect weather". No blazing sun beating down on us (but our legs were still toasted by the sun rays coming through the clouds), not much wind, wonderful temperature, and although it threatened there was No Rain!

My dad was taking pictures from his seat behind me in the kayak.

The boys pause to talk while waiting for the slow pokes (us) to catch up.

The a-little-over-halfway point was marked by Starns Island, which is owned by the LCRA which means that anybody is allowed on it.

Exploring the island.

My kayaking partner preparing to embark from Starns Island.

Bringing the kayaks back after a fantastic ride.


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